Background & Experience

I was born & raised in Aberdeen, Mississippi; which is near Tupelo... in the northeast quadrant of the state on the Tombigbeen River, near the Alabama state line.

Like most of us who go into drafting & design-related fields... when I was growing up, I always loved to draw. I especially enjoyed technical types of drawing. I still do.

In 1993, I earned an A.A.S. Degree in Drafting & Design Technology from Itawamba Community College, which is based in Fulton, MS. I studied primarily at the ‘Technical Campus’ in Tupelo.

Later that year I went to work as an entry-level CAD Technician in an architectural firm in Tupelo. I was fortunate enough to start my career working for a great group, that was/is very technology-oriented, & I learned a lot in those first few years. I lived in Tupelo & worked there until I moved to Asheville, NC in 1997.

I absolutely love Asheville & the WNC area! I've put down roots here...Asheville IS my 'home base'.

I continued my career working in architectural firms in Asheville. I am now considered a ‘senior-level’ CAD/BIM Technician when working in an architecural office. Over the years, 'construction detailing’ became my main focus when working with architects. I have also assisted in maintaining the computer systems & networks in the offices where I’ve worked. In my former ‘day job’ roles, I provided general support to architects... whatever it took to get the job done on a daily basis. Most of the work that I've done in former full-time jobs was ‘commercial' in nature (meaning non-residential), & was done under the direct supervision of licensed architects. At one point or another, I've worked on almost every type of building. I started my career working on Health Care facilities, & I spent many years working on K-12 Educational buildings & other Public Works projects. I've also worked on a variety of commercial buildings along the way.

I did my first freelance project in 1999. For many years, my freelance work was done mostly 'on the side', while working full-time for someone else. I am currently available full-time for freelance projects.

Most of my freelance work has been residential in nature; plans for custom homes, renovations & additions, miscellaneous drafting, etc… Typically, on my freelance residential projects, I provide what is considered a ‘builder’s set’ of drawings; which is a good, complete set of drawings, as needed to develop & understand the design, acquire a building permit, & construct the project; without being overly detailed. I also do miscellaneous CAD/BIM work for architects & engineers.

I can also do "non-building related" CAD & 3D Modeling work....such as machine parts, products, inventions, templates, etc.

If you wish to discuss a potential project; I will provide more information & explanation of my services as we continue our discussions, and/or as needed for your specific project.

My resumè, references, & project list are available upon request.

For the record: I am NOT an Architect or Engineer.


CAD or CADD = Computer-Aided Drafting/Design

BIM = Building Information Modeling

I have used Autodesk’s products since I was in school in the early 90’s….from straight AutoCAD to Architectural Desktop to Revit. I also use Graphisoft's ArchiCAD. Between AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, & SketchUp; I can draw or model ANYTHING. I can produce a set of working  drawings for ANYTHING. I actually did 3D computer modeling before SketchUp & Revit existed.

Unless my client has a specific request, I will evaluate each project on an individual basis & choose the most appropriate software for it.


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