Rates are current as of June 2016.

If you want quality, professional work, & you work within realistic time frames, I want to work with you.

If you are looking for "fast and cheap"... then I'm not your guy.

Notice: No one else should be quoting prices for my services: builders, architects, designers, etc... No one. I don't quote or speculate on prices for their services, & they should not do so for mine. 

I break down everything to an hourly matter if it's a full set of house plans, or miscellaneous CAD/drafting/modeling work. Ultimately, what I am selling is my skills & experience, which translates into TIME. This is fair to all parties, including myself. I can give you an estimate specific to your project, if desired. Even when projects seem very similar; they can vary in scope of work, drawings needed, complexity, level of detail, etc. I generally don't do 'lump sum' or 'not to exceed' pricing.

My rate for all 'non-corporate' work is $55/hr., with a $400.00 minimum. (Contact me to discuss corporate, governmental, institutional, & other types of work.) I generally require a down payment & signed agreement to begin work. The down payment can be 20%-50% of the estimate; depending on the project, location, time frame, etc.

If you want to 'ballpark' what it will cost to hire me to do a good builders set of drawings for a custom home; it can range from $0.75 to $1.75 per square foot (under roof). The simpler the design, the lower the cost. Some projects need more design development than others, more time for working out challenging areas, etc...along with more details & drawings. Most straight-forward designs will come in around $1 to $1.25 per sf.  Again, this is just a way to 'ballpark' the price.

Additions & Renovations are tricky to put a sf estimate on. That's why I price each project based on its specific needs.

If someone is pricing these services much lower than this...something may be careful! Be sure you understand what you're paying for & who you're buying it from. Some people who do this "on the side" can charge a lower rate, because this is "extra money" for them. They may be using someone else's software & equipment. This is NOT the case for me...I use my own software & equipment, and I've been buying my own health insurance for quite a while. I'm a one-man operation. This IS how I support myself...It's my "job". Please consider these factors when getting prices for services. I encourage healthy competition...I ask only for a fair game. If you compare services, please make sure it's "apples to apples".

I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. If you have a potential project, feel free to email material to me; summary/description, sketches, images, reference material, etc.

Please contact me to discuss further. See other pages for my contact info.

For the record: I am NOT an architect or engineer.

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