Billy's ArchiCAD Example #1

This is my first real ArchiCAD project. The work was done while I was employed by an architectural firm.
I am NOT claiming credit for design work or the project itself. I am using these images ONLY as an example of my
ArchiCAD work. The project is an existing church with 2 small additions: an elevator tower & an entry expansion. There
were 2 people involved in the majority of the modeling work. I modeled most of the existing buidling shown here, along
with the elevator addition. The entry addition was modeled mostly by someone else. The site was a collaboration.

Below are several images from the model itself. Note: Only part of the existing building has been modeled so far....
the existing areas immediately connected to the new work. The remainder of the existing buildings & site will probably
be modeled in the future.

Click the thumbnail for full image:

Below are several images taken directly from the construction drawings. The first three sheets
shown here were a collaboration. Sheets A7.4 & A7.5 were done completely by me.

Click the thumbnail for full image:


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