Background & Experience

I was born & raised in Aberdeen, Mississippi, which is in the northeast quadrant of the state. My hometown is in the region between Tupelo, Columbus, & Starkville (home of Mississippi State University). This region is known as the "Golden Triangle Area". Aberdeen is on the Tombigbee River, near the Alabama state line.

Like most of us who go into drafting & design-related fields... when I was growing up, I always loved to draw. I especially enjoyed technical types of drawing. I still do. I love drawings & art of all kinds.

I earned an A.A.S. Degree in Drafting & Design Technology in 1993, from Itawamba Community College, which is based in Fulton, MS. I studied primarily at the ‘Technical Campus’ in Tupelo. I also considered pursuing a degree in Architecture at MSU. I started taking prerequisites for that, but it never did work out for me to go. I later took some additional classes in Land Surveying in the Civil Engineering Technology program at Northeast Mississippi Community College in Booneville, MS.

In 1993 I went to work as an entry-level CAD Technician in an architectural firm in Tupelo. I was fortunate enough to start my career working for a great group, that was/is very technology-oriented, & I learned a lot in those first few years. I lived in Tupelo & worked there until 1997.

I did contemplate going into the Architecture Program at Mississippi State University, but the logistics of that never worked out for me. If any school offered a degree in Architecture on a part-time basis, I would pursue it. It's only offered on a full-time basis. I've never quite understood that. (If someone finds a place that DOES offer it on a part-time basis, please let me know!)

Over the years, I visited Asheville, NC... & I fell in love with the place, as so, so many of us have. I moved to Asheville in early 1997. (Long before it became "Beer City".) I love this town & these beautiful mountains! I've put down roots here... Asheville IS my 'home base' now. The West Coast has also been calling me most of my life... but anyway.

I continued my career working in architectural firms in Asheville. I am now considered a ‘senior-level’ CAD/BIM Technician when working in an architectural office. Over the years, 'construction detailing’ became my main focus when working with architects. I have also assisted in CAD/BIM management duties, project management, and maintaining the computer systems & networks in the offices where I’ve worked. In my former ‘day job’ roles, I provided general support to architects... whatever it took to get the job done on a daily basis. Most of the projects that I worked on in former jobs was ‘commercial' in nature (meaning non-residential), & my work was done under the direct supervision of licensed architects. At one point or another, I've worked on almost every type of building. I started my career working on Health Care facilities, & I spent many years working on K-12 Educational buildings & other Public Works projects. I've also worked on quite a variety of commercial buildings along the way.

I did my first freelance project in 1999. For many years, my freelance work was done mostly 'on the side', while working full-time for someone else. I worked in one architectural firm in downtown Asheville for 13 years, total. I was planning to stay with that company, but during the later years of the recession, I was laid off from & eventually downsized out of that job. Since then, I have worked primarily for myself. I am currently available full-time for freelance projects.

Most of my freelance work has been residential in nature; plans for custom homes, renovations & additions, miscellaneous drafting, etc… for which no licensed architect is required. Typically, on my residential projects, I provide what is considered a good ‘builder’s set’ of drawings; which is a solid, complete set of drawings, as needed to develop & understand the design, acquire a building permit, & construct the project; without being overly detailed. I have completed literally hundreds of projects with satisfied clients.

I have also done miscellaneous CAD/BIM work for architects & engineers over the years.

I can also do "non-building related" CAD & 3D Modeling work....such as machine parts, products, inventions, CAD/BIM objects/templates, etc.

If you wish to discuss a potential project; I will provide more information & explanation of my services as we continue our discussions, and/or as needed for your specific project.

My full resumè, references, & project list are available upon request.

For the record: I am NOT an Architect or Engineer.


CAD or CADD = Computer-Aided Drafting/Design

BIM = Building Information Modeling

I have used Autodesk’s products (Windows-based) since I was in school in the early 90’s… from straight AutoCAD to Architectural Desktop to Revit. I also use Graphisoft's ArchiCAD. Between AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, & Fusion 360; I can draw or model ANYTHING. I can produce a set of working drawings for ANYTHING. I actually did 3D computer modeling before some of these programs existed. Personally, now I prefer ArchiCAD & Macs.

Unless my client has a specific request, I will evaluate each project on an individual basis & choose the most appropriate software for it.


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