More Examples of My 3D Modeling

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ArchiCAD Project #1514: A new owner-designed "Cabin".

Construction is underway in 2015.
Photos will be added when construction is complete.

Revit Project #1428: A "Working" Model & Drawings
(No Foundation in Model, Rough Site Only)

Revit Project #1423: A "Working" Model & Drawings
(No site or foundation in model yet.)
Work is still in progress. This will be updated in the future.

Revit Project #1318: A Preliminary "Working" Model & Drawings
with a Quick Site Study (House was Later Mirrored)

ArchiCAD As-Built

ArchiCAD Renovation Project

ArchiCAD As-Built

Miscellaneous Models (click the image)

This model is for a real project that I worked on while employed with an architectural firm.
I am NOT claiming that I designed the building, only that I had a primary role in the 3D modeling work
shown here. There were 2 people involved in the majority of the modeling work. I modeled most of this
building myself, using straight AutoCAD.  We used 3D Studio Viz for rendering.
(Revit & Sketchup did not exist at this time.)

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exteriorfar.jpg exteriorleft.jpg gymcam02.jpg
lobbyfront.jpg mediacam1.jpg walkway.jpg

These are 3D Models of a drum set & a guitar. I modeled everything in straight AutoCAD &
rendered in 3D Studio Viz. 
I built everything you see here from scratch; every nut, bolt, & part.
(Revit & Sketchup did not exist at this time.)

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tama3.jpg tama4.jpg tama5.jpg
tama6.jpg wg1.jpg wg2.jpg

More coming in the future!

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