I am NOT a licensed architect or engineer. I hold no professional license in these disciplines. I consider myself to be a very highly skilled ‘Technician’… similar to what a master-level ‘Draftsman’ once was. Since it’s all done with computers now; it’s much more complex than simply “drafting” (it’s more like computer science now). I am sometimes referred to as a “Residential Designer”. I will use my skills & experience to assist you in turning your ideas into reality.

If you need or desire the services of an Architect, Engineer, or other Design Professionals; I will gladly refer you to several.

If you are not sure IF you need a licensed architect for your project, I highly recommend that you contact several & discuss your project with them. The experience will be educational, if nothing else. You will gain more knowledge about “the process”.

I prefer to start new projects from scratch… but, in many cases, people come to me with anything from rough sketches to well defined design drawings to tons of reference material, or any combination of these.

Using Drawings, Designs, & Material by other parties:
If a person comes to me with drawings or any type of work that was done by other parties; i.e. architects, engineers, designers, “plan companies”, or “material they found online”, etc.; the only way I can work with the material is by having written permission to use/modify from the original owner/creator. THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO DO THIS. In many cases, it IS possible to acquire these permissions. I have done several projects of this nature, & I have also been in direct contact with the technical staff of several of the well known “plan companies” in the country. Most of them sell various types of packages, along with “Rights to Use/Modify”. I will be glad to help you in finding out how to acquire permission, if possible. In many cases, you can purchase the original CAD files, but…due to the ongoing evolution of CAD/BIM software, these CAD files are not always helpful. Contact me BEFORE you purchase anything, & I will help you determine the most practical & efficient option. (I am no longer doing “CAD Edit” jobs, modifying designs & drawings from “Plan Companies”, but I will be glad to discuss this process & help you find your smartest path forward, without buying stuff you don’t really need.)

For ANY project using drawings, design, CAD/BIM files, etc. that were created by other parties, I MUST HAVE WRITTEN PERMISSION TO USE & MODIFY FROM THE ORIGINAL DESIGNER. Without this, I won’t touch it.